At QURE Healthcare, our vision is to improve healthcare quality worldwide. The same services and tools successfully used by care providers, payers, and life sciences companies to optimize quality of care are also instrumental to domestic and national policy makers. 

QURE’s unique tools can be used to gauge the current state of healthcare quality, develop appropriate metrics to track improvements and evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of policy and health interventions. This has far-reaching implications for decision makers at all levels. Before implementing new policies or investing in a health intervention for an entire country or region, CPV® vignettes can validate and compare several interventions to see which has the largest impact on improving quality and decreasing cost. Additionally, QURE generates databases on care quality information to track improvement and ensure dollars are well-spent.  As healthcare expenditures continue to grow, CPV® vignettes complemented by pertinent cost data help guide policy makers to choose appropriate, cost-effective courses of action.

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