QURE helps you get the clinical utility data you need at a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional RCT.


Gaining access to real-world clinical practice data can take months, if not years, and often millions of dollars to acquire.  We bring our life sciences clients the fastest, most reliable clinical practice data in the industry, at a fraction of the time and cost.

Whether you're evaluating new diagnostic tests, new therapeutic options, or new educational tools, QURE's methodology offers an objective view of real-world clinical care within your disease areas and isolates the direct impact of your intervention on clinicians' practices.

QURE CPV® Randomized Controlled Trials efficiently generate robust clinical utility evidence to aid coverage and reimbursement efforts.  Our approach is focused on 2 questions:

1.) What clinical decisions are practicing physicians making in their day to day practice?

2.) Does [insert your variable] impact physician practice patterns in a way that improves expected outcomes and/or costs?

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