New Publication: QURE’s Newest Publication on Our Work Managing Variation in Breast Cancer

Our recent publication that came out last month which highlights our results managing breast cancer in a multi-center trial that included 81 oncology practitioners across two NCI-accredited institutions, a multi-hospital system and a community based practice.

Highlights of the results include:

  • On average, breast cancer patients represented about 46% of the participating clinician’s patient panel; and the average percentage of time teaching was 14.2%
  • Baseline mean scores did not differ among the four sites, but significant variation was seen within each site at baseline.
  • Between baseline and the 4th round of cases and feedback, overall mean quality scores increased at each site. The size of the increase ranged from 14 to 70%  (P<0.01)
  • Each of the domain scores (history, physical, workup and Dx/Tx) also increased significantly from baseline
  • Variation decreased at all sites in all domains
  • Variation in areas of specific clinical interest (surgical decisions, axillary management, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy) were identified and showed improvement.

Check out the publication here .