QURE’s CPV vignettes are easily accessible online, allowed us to care for similar patients representing those we see in our practice, and our doctors appreciated the chance to earn CME credits. QURE’s summary results and subsequent group discussions created an unparalleled opportunity to engage our physicians around oncology pathways and standardize high quality care across our practice.

Dr. Richard Levine, M.D.
Founder and Former Managing Partner

Space Coast Cancer Center

“The CPV data opened our clinicians’ eyes about variation across our network and sparked meaningful conversations about ways to deliver more standardized, complete care for our patients. QURE also helped us establish common, evidence-based standards in areas like specialist referrals and high cost imaging, which have further enhanced quality and value across our network. All of these activities have helped us address our ACO quality and cost goals.”

Jim Cox-Chapman, M.D.
Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

ProHealth Physicians, Connecticut’s Largest Primary Care Group

“QURE experimental data resulted in two high-quality, peer-reviewed publications demonstrating the clinical utility of our FirstStepDX genetic test, that we’ve used successfully in  coverage and reimbursement discussions with government and private payers. QURE’s studies also benefited our marketing and commercialization efforts by revealing clinical patterns of practicing physicians and exposing the test to potential users. We are happy we chose QURE. The team is professional, highly engaged and committed to delivering the best data.”  

Michael Paul, CEO and Founder, Lineagen